Valve releases Steam Controller CAD geometry so you can mod it

datcouch April 14, 2016 20 likes

Valve is releasing the Steam Controller's mechanical computer helped design geometry for everybody to use under the Creative Commons permit. This implies the door is now open for people to include devices and modify the appearance; however you still have to contact Valve for consent to sell whatever you create.

This Dropbox link contains all the e-Drawings audience files you require, consisting of Creo Express, Native Modelling, neutral exchange and 3D print files, so you've got compatibility with a number of various design tools. If you're having design associated problems, Valve welcomes you to call

The Steam Controller started shipping in October last year. It's readily available for $50/ 40 on Steam. We're offering the hardware and software a little bit more time to develop prior to proclaiming our last verdict on the controller, however we blogged about our experience up until now last year.