AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol in third consecutive Go video game

datcouch April 14, 2016 20 likes

Google`s AlphaGo computer program has actually won a 3rd and definitive encounter with a top-ranked player of the Chinese parlor game Go in a success marking substantial advancements in expert system.

Lee Sedol, who is the world s 2nd best player of the method game, lost 3 online games in a row in Seoul this week, with the current AlphaGo victory on Saturday handing Google the best-of-five match.

I`ve never played a video game where I felt this amount of pressure, and I wasn`t able to overcome this pressure, Lee said at a post-game interview.

Go has easy rules, but is extremely user-friendly and complex in practice. Mastering it has actually been an exceptionally uphill struggle for even the world s finest IT designers.

We came here to challenge Lee, to learn from him and see exactly what AG can, said Demis Hassabis, co-founder of Google`s artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, which developed the program.

AlphaGo managed the momentum over more than 4 hours of gameplay, with Lee having a hard time to maintain area versus the program`s innovative technique. Google DeepMind taught AlphaGo to recognize the optimum move in thousands of possible scenarios.

AlphaGo`s supremacy amounts to a significant, and much faster than previously expected, advance in artificial intelligence.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who remained in Seoul to enjoy the third match, explained Go as a stunning online game and said he was excited the company had actually had the ability to instill that sort of beauty in our computers.

Michael Redmond, one of the match`s analysts and a professional Go player, stated some people initially doubted AlphaGo`s capabilities. After three matches and three straight victories, we are convinced, he stated.

AlphaGo won $1m in prize money, which Google DeepMind stated would be donated to charities, consisting of Unicef and Go organizations.

AlphaGo managed the online game incredibly, said Fan Hui, the European Go champ who was the very first professional player to lose to the program when he played it in October.

Hui said the advances in expert system appeared to bode well for the future of the ancient video game.

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